Spanking is Wrong!

We know parents can struggle to find ways to “correct” their child’s inappropriate behavior. Spanking and strapping can happen in emotional, stressful or frightening situations, where everything may seem out of control, and as parents, we can feel caught in the moment with seemingly no other options. Violence cannot ever be an option. Just because we may have been raised with corporal punishment and “survived” does not ever make it acceptable.

  • Physical abuse is any use of physical force that may intentionally or unintentionally hurt or injure a child
  • Punishment and abuse may temporarily stop a child’s negative behavior. However, no benefit comes from that approach and the risk of lasting (and escalating) harm is exceedingly high.
  • Long term consequences for the child, include: physical, psychological and emotional harm; low self-esteem; distrust of adults; and difficulty forming healthy relationships
  • Punishment and abuse hurt the child; constructive, respectful, discipline supports healthy happy child development.

Corporal punishment is abuse; child abuse is illegal. We encourage readers to seek out the many excellent resources available to assist all caregivers to learn and practise alternative, non-threatening, thoughtful, caring and productive discipline strategies.


This is an excerpt from a letter to the Editor of the Vancouver Sun Sept. 18 2014