Child Abuse is Always Wrong

Striking a child with a branch, belt, hand, ruler, fly swatter, wooden spoon or any object or body part, is child abuse. There is no argument, past or present, that can or should condone or justify that behaviour by an adult towards a child. It was and is wrong 100% of the time. The implications have lasting harmful impact at many levels on children, families and society. We are all responsible for playing our part in the elimination of violence against children, between children, in relationships, in the workplace, and ultimately within and between nations.

Re: Getting the strap vs. assault — one size doesn’t fit all, Column, Sept. 18
Parent Support Services Society of B.C. is alarmed and deeply disappointed that The Vancouver Sun chose to print, on the front page, a column by a sports reporter that defends the use of corporal punishment.
The Adrian Peterson incident is an opportunity to educate readers and provide resources on constructive discipline, healthy parenting and the laws that protect children.

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